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You have an IT customer and are looking for a fair referral program? Contact us and start getting up to 50% of the net profit from this business.
You have an IT customer and are looking for a fair referral program? Contact us and start getting up to 50% of the net profit from this business.
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our offer
Bring us an IT customer. And you will either be getting up to 50% of net profit (if the customer is not that big), or a new legal entity will be launched with you as a co-founder getting your share (if the customer is big enough for that).
you bring a customer
we make an agreement
we start work
you get your share

We do not offer a lump sum payment. We offer a share of the constant business profits.

If the customer turns out to be big enough, we will launch a new legal entity for this project. Your role in this new business is to be its co-founder.

From now on it is up to you to decide whether to take an active part in the development of this new business, or just to get your share from its profits.


1. You bring us an IT customer

Contact us saying that you have a potential customer to work with.
This is your contribution to our mutually beneficial project. In return we offer unprecedented conditions of our referral program.

2. We sign the contract

We (you and us) hold negotiations with your potential customer.
This should result in signing a contract. At that point it starts to be clear how big the deal is going to be.

3. We start the project

As soon as the work on the new project starts, you start getting your share of the net profits.
We will define the most suitable way of money transfer, as well as your desired further role in this project.

4. You become a co-founder

If the project turns out to be big enough, we will proceed to launching a legal entity for it.
This is when you will become a legal co-founder of the business. Our policy is to have you fully on board as soon as possible.
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step 1

Bring us a client

We have everything to launch an IT affiliate, a team, a project... The only contribution needed from you is a customer. Or a million dollar idea. Then we are ready to start.

Some things to keep in mind:

Our offer has no time limits. You can always come back to us even in a decade or so.
You don't have to be a sales manager to have customers in view. It is enough to be able to see the opportunities around.
You can be a customer yourself.
You can come to us with your brilliant idea of own IT product.
You can come across an opportunity in a most unexpected place or time. So, keep us in mind and never miss a chance.
Talk to people you meet as if you were our representative. Please, remember that you actually are our representative. You just need to fully comprehend this fact.
Let's talk, even if you do not have anything to offer now. Let's clarify things and discuss details. As things change, and sooner or later you can get your opportunity.
step 2

Signing a contract

At this step, you and us are going to negotiate with your customer. The expected result is signing a contract. When we get the contract, we can start working on the project.

Some things to keep in mind:

At this stage you and us are going to work closely together as one team.
At this step you are going to perform the role of facilitator.
As a potential project can be about absolutely anything, the contract stage will define the scale of work to be done.
You will be kept notified of all the preparations for the next step.
step 3

Launch of project

This is the beginning of work. Lot's of preparations of any kind, depending on the target to be reached. And the first profits.

Some things to be noted here:

This stage can be short, if the project turns out to be big. In this case we will proceed to step 4 launching a legal entity.
This stage can last long, if the profits from the project are not that big so that registration of a separate legal entity should be reasonable.
At this stage we define the method of money transfer, most suitable for you. You will get your co-founder share of net profits. The calculation is simple: net profit divided by the number of co-founders involved into this particular project.
This may seem to you the riskiest part, as you may see no guaranties. Well, by the time we have gone so far, all doubts will be vanished and gone.
Anyway, we insist on your asking us any awkward questions, so we should clarify it all before going into all this.
step 4

Own business

If the project is big enough, a separate legal entity will be registered for it. We will choose the most suitable form of registration. You will be made a legal co-founder of the business. From now on you will start thinking of how to expand and grow this project, getting your profits from it.

You earn your profit

The finance of your business will be managed by a recognized professional. All the reporting will be transparent and understandable for your. All the business KPIs will be reported on a regular basis so that results are objectively tracked. The whole deal will be managed in compliance with law, international reporting standards, world best practices and our mutual agreements which are settled in advance!
- The unique offer of our partnership is that each co-founder will always get equal share! This point will be prescribed in the foundation documents;
- Starting from the foundation, business will be managed based on elaborated financial models, that are already on hand of our financial advisor. There will be no mistakes from the very start!
- Managerial reporting will be provided on a regular basis. Depending on the size of business, it will be available monthly, quarterly of yearly;
- We do not outsource professional financial services. The financial professional will always be on your side, as she is a part of our team!
- All the numerical and accounting issues will be well settled and managed for you!
Why do we need this? Because if you manage to bring us a customer, and that results in profitable business, that means you will be able to do it again. And because we do need somebody highly motivated and capable to work on the project. And because we believe a million dollar can be made by combined efforts of enthusiastic professionals.
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