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Professional services for businesses and individuals; family income management; trainings and coaching.
Professional services for businesses and individuals; family income management; trainings and coaching.
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I am a professional financial expert with international background in corporate finance, startup business projects and family asset management.
I know the market
I know the rules
I know what I do
I know how to do it

PhD degree in International Business.

Experienced Financial Controller and Analyst.

Skilled in Budgeting, Cash Flow, Business Planning, Credit control, Incentive management, Financial analysis and Financial Reporting.

my offers

If your Business Wants financial growth

I have expertise in Budgeting, Cash Flow, Business Planning, Credit Control, Incentive Management, Financial Analysis and Financial Reporting.

If your Startup Wants financial advice

I have awesome records of successful projects. Let yours be another one.

If your Family Income Wants financial management

I perform professional services not only for businesses, but also for families and individuals.

If your Team Wants financial training

I have PhD degree in International Business, and I will train your team the skills I have gained.
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for businesses

For businesses

Below is the summary on the expertise I have. Some day I will write a book on it.

Here is what you can get:

Analysis of existing business processes
Assistance in redesign of business processes
Design of financial models
Analysis and clean up of financial flows
Business analysis
Market analysis
Tax consulting
Search for opportunities to grow business
Financial management
Design of management reporting system
Appraisal of viability of new ideas
for startups

For startups

Let's go professional way in managing your business.

Ask me for:

A business plan
Analysis of opportunities for external investment attraction
Preparation of projects for presentation to potential investors
Appraisal of project risks
Market analysis
Expertise on design of business processes
Tax and accounting consulting
Management of business finance
for families

For families

I have a good income management package for families and individuals.

Contact me to discuss:

Family and individual financial plan
Control of income and expenses
Analysis of individual financial position, help in goal-setting with consideration of psychological features
Expertize in creation of additional income sources
Investments into equity shares, bonds, etf, mutual funds, etc.
Third party opinion on investment proposals
International investment programs
Accounting and reporting on personal and family assets
Assistance in brokerage services
Search of applicable investment opportunities based on individual goals and abilities (deposits, brokerage services, realty, etc.)
Assessment of individual debt position
Appraisal of individual financial risks
Other aspects of family asset management

Trainings, coaching

I am open to sharing my skills and knowledge.

Don't hesitate to order a seminar!

Finance for non-financials
Financial management of startups
Best practices in processes of mature business

My Articles

Here are some of my articles on finance management. Currently they are available only in Russian. Later on I will add their English translations. Also I am planning to place here my whole training course, as well as other hints and ideas I have to share.

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