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We launch

We launch

We launch

We will launch and lead your IT affiliate or team; develop your WEB app or assist you in your IT product; manage your financial resources.
We will launch and lead your IT affiliate or team; develop your WEB app or assist you in your IT product; manage your financial resources.
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because we know this territory
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about us
We are a bright team of professionals from various fields. We are the force that will be an effective core of your IT project.

just because

we know the market
we know the rules
we know what we do
we know how to do it

Our team has lead software developers, finance and law professionals, HR and accounting managers...

We offer to:

- launch and head your IT affiliate in the area of fast growing High-Tech Park of Belarus;

- create and lead a team;

- develop web and mobile applications;

- manage your financial investments.

our offers

If you want to launch an IT affiliate in Belarus

We have everything to launch and manage your IT affiliate in a rapidly developing High-Tech Park of Belarus.

If you want to create an IT team

Our skills and experience enable us to start and lead an IT team of any size and technology skills needed.

If you need a true professional to manage your finance

Yes, we are proud to have in our team a super qualified financial manager who will give your financial flows and investments new impetus.

If you want a web / mobile application without intermediaries

We have passionate developers that will create a cross-browser compatible application of any complexity.
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your new affiliate

want an affiliate?

We will start your company affiliate operating in the territory of the High-Tech Park of Belarus. We will make it extremely flexible. It will easily scale and adjust to any possible requirements.

we offer the following format

We will register a legal entity that will meet your requirements best of all.
We will find the most suitable office for your affiliate. We can also sit the developers and other staff members in a temporal already operating office. This will enable you to gradually try the new affiliate and thus to minimize possible risks. As soon as you see that your new affiliate in Belarus is a good idea, we will move the affiliate to a permanent office.
We will cover your affiliate with support of our lawyer, accountant manager, financial analyst, office manager, HR manager. They all have experience of working in this sphere and know the peculiarities of this territory.
We will be your partner on this side. We will be the management core acting on your behalf. The one you can always rely on.
We will create the team / teams you will need to reach your target.
We will find, hunt, grow, train whoever may be needed to reach the target.
We will manage, run, control everything and everybody involved into the process on this side.
To sum it up, you will end up having your company affiliate in the territory of the boosting High-Tech Park of Belarus. We will ensure that the office operates totally in compliance with your requirements and needs.
And we will make sure the possible costs and charges are as low as possible. We will be your guides, guarantors and partners here.
create your team

a new IT team?

Belarus has had unprecedented growth in the number of graduates from educational institutions teaching high-tech stuff. Moreover, there has been a boost in people doing self studies so that to be QA engineers, developers, business analysts...

contact us to get a piece of employee cake for you

We know how to hunt professionals in this territory.
We have experience in training people new skills, so we can grow up a team from scratch.
We are a team ourselves, so you can use us.
We are team leads, so there is nothing new in staff management to us.
We have experienced HR managers and psychologists in our team, and we are going to use these skills to convince people to be all yours.
To sum it up, you will get your team working in a highly promising area. And you will have total control over it with us, your partners, as true guarantors.
finance management

money should work

...and do it the way you expect. We are proud to have in our team an extremely talented financial manager. It is her who manages our finance so it should pay for the party.

check out our genius financial manager

- Professional services for businesses and individuals;
- Awesome records of successful projects;
- Brilliant financial expertise;
- Profound investment management;
- Cross-functional multi-cultural experience;
Gosh, she is a ruby in a mount of finance.
app development

need a web app?

We can develop your web / mobile application without any intermediaries in between. We do not have a huge office to feed, so the rate you'll get will be the best price-quality ratio.

high time we praised ourselves

Bla-bla-bla about the cutting edge technology stack we are using in software development.
Bla-bla-bla about performance, cross-browser and cross-platform support, offline first, responsive...
No, seriously. We know all these smart words. So, let's not beat about the bush, but get down to work and do something awesome instead. The way we always do it.
We are professional, experienced, fast, flexible, doing our best to keep pace with the tendencies and trends. Which is more, we are constantly looking over the edge of the plate and roving the world to find something worth integrating into our products.
To sum it up, with us you will always get your best bet.
free plan

free plan

If you want to launch your own product and need a partner to help you implement it, just contact us. We will do technical implementation, and you will be responsible for the business processes.

briefly, the plan is as follows:

You have a brilliant idea for a project, but development is too expensive. And you come to us.
You and us (both hereunder referred to as "we") become legal partners and co-founders of this startup.
From now on we do not have to pay for the technical development, because we can do it ourselves.
And we do not have to pay for the business processes like negotiations, setup and preparation work, marketing, etc., because we can do it ourselves, too.
Our goal is to make our million dollar by investing mostly our time, skills, efforts, desire.
We will have a legal entity that matches our goal most of all.
We will have combined skills, experience, knowledge of both markets...
Thus, everything is possible!
contact us

try us!

our team

just some of us

Anna Novikova

Professional financial and investment manager.

Responsible for all financial matters on a larger and smaller scale (both for business and individuals).

Peter Babukh

Lead full-stack developer, ScrumMaster, Project Architect.

Fast, mature, responsible, experienced.

Natalya Gladkaya

HR Manager, Psychologist, Coach.

Perfect at everything that regards staff management.

You !

Any profession, any skills.

Check out the below link and join us if you are the match. Let's benefit from combined efforts.

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why us ?

why us?

Every software developing company has on its site a huge list of advantages and expertise it offers to its potential customers.

we also know many smart terms :)

Bla-bla-bla about absolute transparency, timely delivery and competitive costs...
Bla-bla-bla about personalized, flexible, professional solutions...
Bla-bla-bla about using latest tools and best architecture practices...
Bla-bla-bla about how long we've been on the market...
Bla-bla-bla about how much our customers can trust us...
...something else missing?
Let's talk and clarify all that!
join us !

join us!

If you are as active as we are, do join us! Just get in touch with us via the contacts here and tell us how you see our mutually beneficial cooperation. We will think up something together.

a couple of cases when to join us

You have an IT customer and you are looking for a fair referral program.
You want to develop and launch your own product, and you are looking for a partner in this project. We will do the technical implementation, and you will be responsible for the business processes.
You have your million dollar business idea. You think it is brilliant and know how you would implement it, but nobody believes in your success.
You are a developer, QA, designer, business analyst, sales or marketing manager, any other IT professional.
You want to be a co-founder rather than an employee, and you have ideas of how to grow businesses.
You have any kind of non-format business idea.
that's all